Dance artist - music maker

Pilvi Elina Pirinen

b. 16th of October 1981 Suomussalmi

tel. +358 40 5702514





Elina Pirinen is Helsinki based choreographer, dancer, singer-songwriter-musician, curator, artistic director and pedagogue.

She works closely with timeless feministic psychodynamical, intimate and emansipatoric subjective body, language and visuality as shared thinking, experiencing and politics.

She has been collaborating regularly with Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Kiasma Theater of Kiasma Museum of contemporary art, performance art venue Mad House and Performance Art Society. She is responsable for the dance art education in the Degree Programme in Acting in Swedish in Theatre Academy of University of the Arts Helsinki.

She also works with domestic animals in need and makes romantically experimental baroque-rockmusic with her orchestra.


Pilvi Elina Pirinen      tel. +358 40 5702514

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